CHEERNO Releases. New blog!

CHEERNO new releases 2011.
Look 1:
Hair: [CheerNo] Hair SANDRO
Base: [CheerNo] HairBase BLOND
Poncho: [CheerNo] SKES Masokism Lumier
Pants: [CheerNo] SKES Monster
Boots: [CheerNo] Boots Duran BLACKS
Look 2:
Hair: [CheerNo] Hair DIAS
Base: [CheerNo] HairBase REDS
Jacket: [CheerNo] SKES Monster
Pants: [CheerNo] SKES Masokism Lumier
Sandals: [CheerNo] Sanlads Fhar GOLD
Look 3:
Hair: [CheerNo] Hair LEO
Base: [CheerNo] HairBase GINGERS
Jacket: [CheerNo] SKES Masokism
Pants with suspenders: [CheerNo] SKES Masokism
Gloves: [CheerNo] SKES Masokism
Boots: [CheerNo] Boots Duran PINK
Bag: [CheerNo] GIO Bag/MAKEup
Also you can have a look at
Hello readers!! I’ve just decided to start by my own, owing to some problems with my SL partners i decided to split up and have my own blog, so please, i respect that it’s so lazy to see one more blog, but please, have consideration with me lol. My style hasn’t changed, so you followers, you are my life :)
Anyways, i hope you like it, and i will be in touch with you all. Love you, Kenneth!

One thought on “CHEERNO Releases. New blog!

  1. annedakun

    Ole ole y oleeeeeeeeeee! Que arte y que estilo ! jajajaajajajaja ARRETEEEEEEE! Venga que en dos dias te la da la vuelta el marcador de visitas! :P

    Good luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :*


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