ZOVO Skins.

Hello guys! I have the pleasure to introduce you to the NEW ZOVO SKINS.

Ajay Giano made these awesome skins apart from Zoobong; ZOVO will be a completely new and fresh store.

Skins are sold in a basic shaved and bald hair. ZOVO offers tons of layers, such as Hair Base and Beards.

You can mix it however you want, because they are made to fix every tone of skins. It comes in both Black and Brown colors.

But.. just let me say you.. that you’ll have to wait, not much, but ZOVO Skins OPENS on January 28th 2012.

So get your lindens ready for that date, and run fast to buy this MARVELOUS line of skins.

Regards, Kenneth.

On the LEFT:

Skin: ZOVO_TONE 2_Bald (Brown) (COMING SOON)

Hairbase: Zovo – Receding Buzz Cut (dark) Brown (COMING SOON)

Beard: Zovo – Soul (dark) Brown (COMING SOON)

Jeans: *FIR & MNA* The 1977 Jeans Classic

Boots: [Hoorenbeek] Patagonia – Wheat

Necklace: Whippet & Buck – Memory Collector

On the CENTER:

Skin: ZOVO_TONE 6_Bald (Black) (COMING SOON)

Hairbase: Zovo – Fade Cut (light) Black(COMING SOON)

Beard: Zovo- Goatee (dark) Brown (COMING SOON)

Pants: Celoe Nikola trousers – Nugat

Boots: *REDGRAVE* Survivor Boots (NEW RELEASE!)

Necklace: {mon tissu} Take Flight Necklace

On the RIGHT:

Skin: ZOVO_TONE 4_Bald (Brown) (COMING SOON)

Hairbase: Zovo – Military Cut (dark) Brown (COMING SOON)

Jeans: {MV} Denim Joggers

Shoes: BALKANIK Spectra – Low White (NEW SIM!)

Headphones: The Stuff – Loudfone


Poses by Label Motion. Blair Pack (COMING SOON ON XYROOM)

Click HERE to teleport to Zoobong sim.


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