London’s May

Hello again! Well… first of all I want to say that i’ve been sooo busy with RL stuff,

i know that making a post just take a few hours, but these hours were vital for me,

needed to disconnect and take care of me and my RL life, but today, i’m back in the blog,

and full of new ideas to post! This post is very connected with my RL, since I went to London (On March) I couldn’t

post anything because of being busy, but I want to share with you all this because I had a GREAT time in there, London

is a city that I love quite much, so this is why this post is inspired in London.

Enjoy the post, have fun, and I promise you that i’m going to post often! Haha!

Kisses, Kenneth.

Skin: the body co. Breeze (Fair) By: thebodyco Resident

Hair: .: vive9 :. Feuille in Blonde Tones By: Sanya Bilavio (Recent Release!)

Shirt: [Sleepy Eddy] Thermal Underwear (Black) By: Metro Moonwall (New Release!)

Jeans: [Pumpkin] Tight pants By: Yukio Osei (New Release!)

Boots: {Elygo} Spike Sneakers (Classic) By: Mari0 Capalini

Necklace: {mon tissu} Take Flight Necklace ~ Silver By: Elie Spot

Headband: ~the plank~ Native Indian American – Night Wolf By: Aeon Perian


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