Hello again! I know, i know… It’s been a while – really big one – since my last post. So that’s why I think you deserve an explanation. And I will. It’s been a very busy year. One of the biggest challenges, the hardest and most important course, so I wasn’t able to post anything – even not going on-line -. Most of you, readers, bloggers and designers have asked me for that, and, as I far as I know, I gave everyone – if not, I’m doing it right now – my view of having a SL blog.

First of all, I want you to know that I love Second Life, but I can’t get that as a way of life – we need to live in reality, don’t you think? -, just because what being student/having a job/having joy supposes to me it’s not having scheduled my Second Life time. I really enjoy posting, making pictures, and everything related to this big community, but – as I guess you do -, i need some… freedom.

Hope you understand. That means that I’ll try to be posting frecuently, with my bests efforts, but I don’t – I can’t – promise you a regular schedule. Oh! Just one thing, enjoy the blog. :)


Mesh body: CheerNo Ken Doll (Light version used).

Mesh Tongue: CheerNo Tongue (just piercing shown). New!

Hair: CheerNo Enzo (Dark version used). New!

Ears: Mandala Simple Ears.

Coat: Deadwool Corto Coat (Camel version used). New!

Shirt: Not So Bad Billy Shirt (Dirty version used). New!

Camera: Aitui Sweiss Cam.

Shades: Reek Junior.

Pose by Del May.


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