Mesh bodies by CheerNo.


· On left:

Hair: Saboteurs GDN005. (By Momo Hoffnung)

Hands: CheerNo V4 Hands Fuck & Bang. New!

TShirt: Kal Rau Casual Tee Pattern 008.

Jeans: Dozze Radical Jeans. New!

Sneakers: Snowboa Oldschool Sneakers.

Scarf: Armidi Sweater Scarf Egg Shell. (By London Armidi)

Watch: CheerNo Classic Watch Blue. New!

· On center:

Hair: Exile Sid.

Hands: CheerNo Hands V3

Shirt: Dozze Untucked Striped Shirt. New!

Jeans: Pumpkin Patched Skinnies

Shoes: Balkanik Spectra Low White.

Sunglasses: Entente Gregoire Glasses.

· On right:

Hair: Taketomi Masato. New!

Jacket: Dozze Fearless Jacket. New!

Jeans: Kal Rau Skinny Pants Denim. New!

Sneakers: Cestar Hipster Sneakers.

Sunglasses: DDL Here Comes The Sun Sunglasses.

Poses by me, modified with Label Motion‘s Mods Pack.



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